Néstor G Zavarce

Geplaatst op 15 oktober 2019

Hi. I’m Nestor and I’m a Photographer based in Curaçao. Above all, I specialize in telling stories, through pictures. It’s about weaving the images together to tell the tale of your day.

Notably the understanding of light, composition and moment. Anybody can press the shutter button on a camera. But only the person behind the lens can see the world from another perspective. This gave me a wider frame, and within that frame, I can build the story and fill in some context for the viewer. You can always count with my direction or guidance. The most important thing for me is that you feel comfortable and you can give me your trust. I just want to connect with you on a real level, and I hope that you in turn connect with my work on a way we can create images that come from real moments and memories.

I want my clients to look at their images and remember that special moment in time. It’s all about capturing the moment and following the passion of the day. I go after moments that appeal to me from the inside and I strive to capture the emotions and energy of the day through the still image. The details still count. It’s about the people, but most of all, is about the moment. I am most inspired by you. The people you love (and who love you in return), the colors you’re drawn to, the places that make you feel most at home. When I photograph your event, my goal is to create images that highlight those unique qualities and enhance your memories of them. I promise to always be creating, trying, and having a blast while doing it. I do my best to capture your day as it unfolds naturally, but also enhance your experience however possible. I am an artist and professional, but if I’ve done my job right it goes far beyond taking photos.

Take your time and enjoy browsing through my website, if you want to find out more…

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